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About Me

My name is Ashley Proveaux- Moorefield. I am an Holistic Health Counselor and Yoga Instructor. I've studied at Full Circle Yoga, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, California College of Ayurveda, and Aithein Healing School. 


To paint a picture of me, I grew up as a driven, focused and perfectionist type girl. My Ayurvedic Constitution is Vata- Pitta. Growing up, I was stressed out, tired and competing all of the time. Long story short, I journeyed through an eating disorder from age 14 to 19. I went to therapists, and a hypnotherapist per my parent request to overcome this. However, nothing was really sticking or helping. I settled on the idea that I would forever struggle with these disorders. It felt out of my hands- out my control.  It wasn't until I found the teachings of Ayurveda and Yoga that I began to truly and complete heal. Ayurveda and Yoga reminded me of who I truly am. Ayurveda taught me about my unique nature and what my symptoms and pains were trying to tell me (the body is always talking to us!). Ayurveda and Yoga helped my realign and connect to my body's natural rhythm. I learned how to listen to myself. From there, I finally began to truly live. It's from that space of knowing yourself truly where you are able to flourish and live with joy and bliss.

… no wonder I decided to study it!


My passion is to shine a light on that road back to yourself. From there you walk the path and witness your life open up and blossom .It is not just an absense of symptoms you'll witness but vitality, and alchemy.


Some of the many healing modalities I utilize are breath, meditation, asana (posture practice), physical movement, rest, habits and daily routine, food, spices, herbs, colors, sound (mantras, affirmations, music), aromatherapy, and body therapy (Marma Therapy). 


"One individual's medicine is another's poison"


As your holistic practitioner, I view you as a beautiful unique one of kind individual. By asking you a series of questions, and taking your pulse and looking at your tongue (a map of your digestive system) I will gain knowledge of your true nature, your unique constitution and balance and any imbalances inherent with you. From that knowledge, I am able to recommend personalized medicine in the form of the healing modalities mentioned above.