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Aura Cleanse

What is our Aura? What is it's function? Why does it need to be cleansed? 

Our Aura is an energy field around us that acts as a protective barrier between us and our outer world. "It's our extra layer of skin." For a disease to enter the physical body, it must first pass through the Aura. 

Things like, toxins, alcohol, synthetic drugs, and hot caffeine can tear holes in our Aura causing our life force energy to leak out and outside energy to leak in, leaving us feeling tired and dirty. I tend to know I am due for an Aura Cleanse when I feel like I want to take multiple showers a day.

I personally feel clearer, more focused and lighter both physically and emotionally after getting my Aura Cleansed. This is generally a maintenance cleansing that is recommended monthly or at least every 6 weeks. We cleanse of physical body by taking showers, brushing our teeth, and drinking warm water with lemon (our various internal cleansing processes). It is an essential to also cleanse your Aura- your protective energy field around you. 


"The idea of doing an aura cleanse sounded so weird to me! WTF does that even mean, I would ask myself. It was truly something that I would do again and again. I was able to work through so much that day. Truly pivotal moment for me for sure. I also finally am not waking up with anxiety everyday! I had every day since we opened the restaurant. And that's one thing that went away with this cleanse. Thought that was dope Ashie! So thank you." - David Creech

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