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Candles By Ashley Ayurveda

Candles that are about more than smelling good.

Candles made by hand by Ashley Ayurveda add light, positive energy, and offer a doorway to spiritual growth.

These candles are inspired by Dr. Emoto's water experiments. Dr. Emoto showed that by consciously sending positive thoughts and surrounding liquid with positive energy, mantras, and music you can change the molecular makeup of the liquid. He saw this by studying the frozen waters crystals after playing different music ranging from Bach, Mozart, healing Tibetan chants to death metal rock. The crystals formed after Bach, Mozart and the Tibetan chants were absolutely beautiful while the crystals formed by water exposed by death metal rock or negative words like I hate you/ you suck, were distorted and unkempt looking. 

We can replicate this experiment and make a positive impact within ourselves and with others through positive affirmations and loving words spoken to each other. With these candles I consciously send positive energy (Chanting different Sanskrit mantras, affirmations, and magickal light rituals) along with associated essential oils and even an associated guided meditation at Light Up Your life with Ashley Ayurveda Podcast these candles fill our rooms and hearts with light and love. Each candle has a different theme sending a specific energy- specific light into your life which shines a light on different aspects of your life offering a space for healing, growth and increased peace and joy in your life, others lives and subsequently the world. 

Read about each candle below to pick the growth and healing you'd like to experience now!

4oz Candles are popular for the idea of experiencing a few different energies. Buy 3 at a time for 15% discount.

Sight of the Soul (Kabbalah Tipharet Candle)

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These candles and companioned meditation is focused on INNER CHILD HEALING and Connecting with TIPHARETH (the center sphere of the Tree of Life).

The candles are infused with rose essential oil (rose pacifies anger and opens the heart, increasing compassion and is associated with Tiphareth), the God Name- Jehova Aloha Va Daath (God of Knowledge and Wisdom, associated with Tiphareth), the essence of Archangel Raphael (the Archangel of Healing and the Archangel associated with Tiphareth), the essence of Jesus the Christ (unconditional love) and rose quartz (a crystal of heart healing and growth and the crystal associated with Tiphareth).

Read more about Tiphareth below to understand more before beginning the companioned meditation (link to meditation below) as this will plant seeds in your field that will help you get more out of this meditation.

About Tiphareth: Tiphareth is the center sphere of the tree of life and associated with the heart chakra. The development and purification of Tiphareth offer great personal and emotional healing leading to a sense of oneness and Christ consciousness- unconditional love and seeing the beauty and God in everything and everyone.

Text from "The Complete Guide to Kabbalah" by Will Parfit: The traditional Virtue associated with Tiphareth is devotion to the Great Work… Your True Will, or purpose in life, is your goal, and the Great Work is everything you do that takes you a step closer to the completion of that purpose. This is everything you do with awareness, consciousness and choice… The Yetziratic Text describes Tiphareth as the 'mediating Intelligence', mediating between the soul and the personality. The spiritual vision attributed to this sphere is the 'Vision of Harmony', the harmony created when all the 'parts' come together into a 'whole', or cluster around a stable centre.” The planet associated with Tiphareth is the sun. “…From the Sun many powerful radiations emanate which affect the planet and all living things on it - in- deed they would not exist without these energies. They produce the conditions necessary for evolution, development and growth…”




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