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Throughout my life, somewhere inside me, I knew there must be more than this physical world I see. Through yoga, Ayurveda, and other spiritual teachings, I have come into contact with ancient spiritual teachings that connected me to an inner guidance within me. We are our best teachers. It has become a passion of mine for others to gain access to their inner wisdom. That is what this class is all about. It's a blend of everything I've learned over my 25 years on this earth. We move, we breath, we sigh, we scream, we express, and we dance! We connect to rhythms within ourselves, we connect to universal truths. We experience and feel these truths within our body and minds. this class is about accessing, connecting to and experiencing our inner rhythm of greatness. This inner rhythm of greatness is our soul. We are so much more than bodies. We are so much more than this physical world. we are spirit and soul within a body. In this class we will let our soul dance, we will let our soul express itself through this vessel we call body. And there we will experience the magic of life. 

Pop Up Events are being held! Call or Email to be updated on class times and location!

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