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What is Marma?

Marma therapy is one of Ayurveda's body therapies. Marma points are vital spots in the body, that hold prana, chi, or life force. There are 108 marma points on the body. Each marma point is connected to different energy centers, organs, and organ systems. By stimulating the marma points, we bring awareness and healing to these vital doorways into the human body and psyche. Marma Therapy is the art form of detoxifying the mind and body to bring balance and restore resistance and good health in the highly stressful environment of modern times. Marma points mirror our mental and physical health. "In a healthy system, marma points are sites of vitality where consciousness flourishes and flowers." When a mind is stagnant or clogged, it looks like anxiety, anger, sadness, etcetera and/or chronic constipation, low back pain, IBS, IBD, fibromyalgia etcetera. When the mind is clogged, the marma points are clogged. When the marma points are clogged, the body deteriorates. Stimulation to the marma points unclog the clogged points resulting in a balanced body and a peaceful mind. 


The word Marma comes from the Sanskrit word Marr or Mru which means "to hit". The word Marma is also believed to mean hidden or secret. The system of Siddha Marma was developed by 18 "Siddhar's" over 500,000 years ago. Siddha means "accomplished one". The Siddhar's believed that a healthy soul can only develop and flourish in a strong and healthy body. Therefore, they developed methods and medicines to keep the physical body healthy, so the soul may flourish. Marma points have been used during times of war to heal injured warriors, and also during surgery. Surgeons were taught the location of marma points to work around them when cutting open a patient. Damage done to particular marma points can result in loss of consciousness, convulsions, or fatigue. Learning this, Surgeons began taking great pains to work around specific points to lessen the risk of the patients life. 

Benefits of Marma Therapy

Detoxifies the mind and body

Brings balance to the body: brings and maintains equilibrium of one's Prakruti: Natural state of balance

Induces sound sleep

Improved eye sight

Clears skin disorders and improves color and texture of skin

Increases lymphatic circulation

Strengthens immunity improving resistance to disease

Strengthens the body