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Initial Consultation

Day 1 Diagnostics + Concerns

Day 2 Results + Recommendations

Day 3 Body Therapy + Follow up


Private Yoga


In Ayurveda, we use yoga- breath, meditation, physical movement, and spiritual study as one of our many healing modalities. We use yoga to bring about Self-awareness, self-compassion and love, and stress reduction. "The journey to create a calm and peaceful mind matches the journey to create perfect health. "The practice of yoga helps calm the mind, and restore the body to healing mode. There are many different practices of yoga some being best for some and others being best for others. Like Ayurveda, Yoga is personal and individualized. One style of yoga doesn't fit all. One type of yoga practice might be great and medicinal for one individual, but poisonous for another. Ask your practitioner for direction and guidance towards the best styles of yoga per your constitution or imbalances present at the moment.

1 hr $90

1.5 hrs $120